Monday, November 19, 2012

A Huge Loss - Rest In Peace

Naleba Cakaulevu, also know as Tamana and Espli, has gone to a better place in this world. I am told that he slipped and fell, started having stomach aches which proceeded on into his back. Unable to move because of the pain and nausea, he headed to a local hospital near our village. When I say hospital, I mean it is labeled as a 'hospital', but a concrete, two bedroom slab with a scale and stretcher do not constitute the building as a hospital. Needless to say, he was sent home with some ibuprofen. His legs began to swell and he headed to the hospital again. Within a few days he was rushed to the Lautoka hospital where he died shortly after. I can only assume he died of internal bleeding. Espli was a huge influence to me during my Peace Corps experience and I know he was the hope of Veidrala Village.
Team Captain/Coach
He loved his people and contributed greatly to the youth group, community, and rugby teams of the surrounding areas. I spent a lot of time getting to know his drive, intelligence, passions, and commitments to family and friends. Naleba, you are sorely missed by all who knew you. Rest in Peace Espli.

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