Friday, January 4, 2013

Island of Paradise

Koh Tao, Thailand
Wow, paradise! This little island is perfect! There are tourists, but not too many, food from many parts of the world, cool beach bars, fire shows, $7 massages, bbqs, and even a lady-boy cabaret.
The first night I met an English girl, Sophie, who wanted to go to dinner. We enjoyed kabobs off the grill and then headed to the lady-boy cabaret. Now, this was one of the highlights of my trip so far. Lady-boys are somewhat the equivalent to transvestites. Men who drastically change themselves to become ladies. They were spectacular!!! About 15 in all put on a cabaret of epic proportion, especially considering they are on a tiny little island out in the middle of the Bay of Thailand. For one, 120 baht Tiger beer ($4), the show was free!
From Lady Gaga to Gangnam Style, I was thoroughly entertained. A must see if you ever visit Koh Tao!!
Ko Nang Yuan
People always complain that I don't put enough pics of myself on here, so here is to you all!
Three islands connected by a shallow sand flat just off the coast of Koh Tao: a unique geological phenomenon at Ko Nang Yuan. Stunning causeways of sand join the islands, offering me the choice of two seas to swim in. With these islands being a diving mecca, I felt inclined to at least snorkel a bit. My Swiss friend, Lisa, and I hired a longtail boat and headed out towards the island phenomenon. Fish were plentiful, the views were stunning, and the tourists were suffocating. It was a beautiful day out of the general routine of Koh Tao.
Diving the Gulf of Thailand
While walking along the quaint main path of Koh Tao one reads dive shop signs exclaiming "whale shark sighting today!" I think it is mainly just a lure because over the course of six days,the signs never got erased. I fell for it though. I signed up for two dives with scuba junction out to Chumpon and Pee Wee/White Rock with the hopes of satisfying my goal of swimming with whale sharks. Much to my dismay, we didn't see any. We couldn't even see our hand out in front of us because the water was so murky. By the end of the dives I was happy to be out of the water. Disappointed. :( Oh well, can't stay sad for very long in paradise!
Boys will be Boys
Swedish boys: from my eyes - sweet, funny, organized, respectful, fun-loving, clean cut, and hate the cold and dark. City Swedish men often don't get married either. I met a group of 5 very entertaining guys from Stockholm. Between my Swedish boys, 2 English girls and 1 boy, 1 Swiss girl, and 1 girl from Singapore, Koh Tao was such a great time. We partied for new years,  played mini-golf, watched the lady-boy cabaret, hung by the pool and beach, ate like royalty, and had a good ole time together. My love for Koh Tao wouldn't have been complete without each and every one of them. Thank you Joakim, Tony, Mikel, Tobbe, Twana, Sophie, Lisa, Emma, Sam, and Dian!
Happy New Years 2013
My New Years Eve date, Joakim!! :)
Very nice dinner of filet mignon at a restaurant overlooking the island.
Back in Bangkok
Some fort.
Khao San Road - Where the hippies and druggies hang out after dark and the backpacker crowd gathers for shopping and eating during the day. Quite a busy thoroughfare.
Scorpions anyone?

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